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  • Kazakh crypto miners plead with president to cut energy prices News - 1 hour ago
    Eight major cryptocurrency mining operators signed an open letter to the President of Kazakhstan, Kassym-Jomart Tokayev. Local crypto-mining operators in Kazakhstan — the world’s third-largest market in terms of Bitcoin mining hash rate — are complaining about high energy prices to the country’s president. According to local media, eight major cryptocurrency…
  • Neal Stephenson’s blockchain project holds discovery month as metaverse hype wanes News - 1 hour ago
    Lamina1 CEO Rebecca Barkin told Cointelegraph that as long as people continue to invest time and money in digital experiences, the metaverse will continue to come to life. The blockchain project launched by Neal Stephenson, who coined the term “metaverse” in his 1992 book, Snow Crash, is pushing forward with its…
  • Tom Hanks, MrBeast and other celebrities warn over AI deep fake scams News - 1 hour ago
    Instances of celebrities and public figures AI deep fakes continue to surface, with their likeness circulating the web promoting scams or products. Artificial intelligence (AI) has been a major talking point in Hollywood throughout 2023 and continues to be so as multiple celebrities have come forth denouncing the use of…
  • Future of payments: Visa to invest $100M in generative AI News - 2 hours ago
    Visa says it was one of the first firms in the world to pioneer AI in payments, deploying AI-based technology for risk and fraud management in 1993. Global payment giant Visa is raising its bet on artificial intelligence (AI) in commerce and settlements by setting up a new fund to…
  • Head of Portugal central bank deems crypto unsustainable, calls for global regulation News - 2 hours ago
    Mário Centeno praised the European Union’s first comprehensive crypto framework, MiCA, but insisted on further international consolidation of regulatory efforts. Mário Centeno, the governor of Banco de Portugal, joins a chorus of regulators claiming that national efforts to oversee crypto wouldn’t work correctly without a global framework. A section of Mário Centeno’s speech.…
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