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  • Neal Stephenson on the metaverse: ‘It's happening in a different way’ News - 2 hours ago
    Author Neal Stephenson said that many Web3 problems come from projects wanting to financialize everything very quickly. Bestselling author Neal Stephenson spoke with Cointelegraph at the Paris Blockchain Week 2023, discussing various topics, including problems within the current Web3 ecosystem and the metaverse — a term Stephenson coined in his…
  • Mt. Gox creditor saga: What lessons has the Bitcoin community learned? News - 2 hours ago
    The downfall of Mt. Gox continues to highlight the importance of greater transparency and accountability within the cryptocurrency industry. In the early days of Bitcoin, Mt. Gox was by far the most prominent Bitcoin (BTC) exchange in the world. The Tokyo-based company was responsible for more than 70% of all…
  • Yellen defends government intervention to avoid another SVB News - 2 hours ago
    The Treasury Secretary of the U.S. Janet Yellen said the federal government will intervene if it is necessary to protect other small lenders. Nearly two weeks after the collapse of three United States banks – Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), Silvergate and Signature- Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said the federal government…
  • Best and worst countries for crypto taxes — plus crypto tax tips News - 2 hours ago
    So you’ve struck it rich in crypto? You’ll want to head to one of these countries to keep your newfound wealth. Tax is a nightmare for compliance. And crypto taxes which include a variety of innovative mechanisms and products that have no analog in traditional finance are 10 times worse.Complicating…
  • Web3 a hot topic at SXSW despite bear market and declining interest in NFTs News - 3 hours ago
    Web3 was a major theme at SXSW 2023, yet previous hype around NFTs and building during a bear market may be contributing factors to Web3 adoption. Giant rabbits wearing trendy outfits situated alongside cartoon characters with rainbows flowing out of their mouths lined the streets of South by Southwest (SXSW)…
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